Vikings || Flesh and Bone (For 3K)

By | January 7, 2019

WARNINGS: Violence, disturbing images and Spoilers all Seasons

I’m finally back with a proper Edit after 4Months.
So sorry for not uploading! I saw that i gained 3K subs last week which i’m extremly gratefull for!!
So i just had to make a video to thank you all, i hope you will Enjoy!

This is also the longest video i ever made and the hardest 😛 but i’m pretty happy with how it turned out, I also tried to use all the parallels that i know for my favourite show 🙂

Vikings Returns November 29 so you can expect loads of video’s again soon and i’m also working on another project that i will upload really soon! So stay tuned for that it will be epic 🙂

And i would like to Thank Noam, Many and Tamara for giving me feedback on this video while making it! Appreciate it so much

Please check their channels out!

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20 thoughts on “Vikings || Flesh and Bone (For 3K)

  1. Phoebelle

    Yesss!!! I am so glad you made this finish, Aron. The hard work on it was truly worth. I love every second in this video. But I still want to highlight a few parts. 0:140:26 I am still so amazed about this part. It gave me chills everywhere. The clips with the sound, the voiceover… Everything is perfect in it! 1:341:52 I think this is my favorite part. This was so flawless and breathtaking edited. It proves perfectly that you are one of the greatest editors ever! I still love the door part because you worked so awesome with the sound here. And then the big final. From 2:40 to the end. I was tied up and felt with every character even if I never watched this show. I think your scene selection was perfect and made this part really emotional. And how you edited with the tact… Just incredible! But as I said it before, I love the whole vid. It's another masterful work of yours and it means so much to me to be mention in it. So, thank you so much!!! It was a pleasure to me to see this phenomenal video during the processing. Btw congrats to 3k! You deserve them all and so much more!

  2. Phoebelle

    I already knew it before I watched this show… THIS IS A FU**ING MASTERPIECE! One of the best things I ever saw. TRULY! You've did here an incredible job through the whole video.

    The first part (until 2:12) with Ragnar, Lagertha, Rollo, Floki, Ecbert, Athelstan and all the others who fought with and against Ragnar hit me really hard. The show and the fans didn't lost just one great character, we kinda lost them all even the living ones. The relationships they all had with Ragnar were so amazing and unique and you really captured every single one of them so perfect. Such a wonderful job here, my friend!

    I've already mentioned the most other things I loved in this epic video in my first comment.
    But still I need to stood out this part 2:402:50. These parallels were amazing and the pain these characters felt went directly through my flesh and bones. What an amazing way to edit these lyrics!!
    3:11 to the end was beyond of incredible and flawless edited!

    I will rewatch this video forever…❤

  3. avis

    Video fascinated with its elegance and beauty. Thank you for this masterpiece. I love your work. You know, I really want more of these videos. Thank you)

  4. RyZeAbOvEhAtE

    Seriously one of.the best tributes for this show I can't stop watching.

  5. Jessislegend

    Ahh I love this so much. Dude you have some serious editing skills 😀

  6. thulasi ajax

    am i the only one think vikings is far better and super realistic than GOT…. ???

  7. JIGgameoverSAW

    Chills dude! Fantastic video! Too many things to mention! AMAZING video <3
    And 3K subs! HYPE 😀


    Awesome video Aron, can't wait for season 5 and for your new videos 🙂

  9. LM

    Man this video is really good! I love watching it again! The scenes fit so well! It turned out really great man! Looking forward to your next video!

  10. King FireMan

    I always love vikings video and this one is very amazing!! The song is perfect, i hope you will do others video like that 😗 and congratulation for 3k 💪💪

  11. xenchantedqueen

    Yess omg! It turned out amazing! The parallels and voiceovers goes so well. Love it! <3

  12. Kalu

    God damn! Truly amazing work. I love this song and I'm glad that you used it for a Vikings video. Thank you very much for making it and welcome back my friend!

  13. xAlpacasLordNoam420x

    Your father is dead – My father is dead – Ragnar can't be dead
    Such a masterpiece right from the start. I'm so happy you're back Aron, this was truly wonderful. I loved all the parallels, and the quotes you used. You used a lot of underused scenes, which is great. Now I REALLY can't wait for season 5!
    Thank you for mentioning me in the description, I was very happy to help <3<3


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