The Pitch – Elevator Round # 1

By | January 3, 2018

In this very first episode of The Pitch, seven of the 25 finalists come face to face with the jury. Will their ideas impress Mahesh Murthy, Vishal Gondal & Neeraj Roy? And how many of them will make their way to the Top 10?

‘The Pitch’, a one of its kind show in India that invites the country’s best entrepreneurs to a contest of skills and business plans, to walk away with a cool Rs. 5 Crore to take their business idea to the next level.

Catch ‘The Pitch’ on Bloomberg TV India on Friday @ 10:30 PM, Saturday @ 9:00 AM, 6:00 PM, Sunday @ 5:00 PM and Monday @ 11:00 PM.

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7 thoughts on “The Pitch – Elevator Round # 1

  1. themclones89

    Ironic to see Mahesh grilling that guy for asking funds in USD, when all three of them are introduced as owners of "multi-million dollar" businesses and not "multi-crore rupees" businesses. Even hypocrisy would be ashamed :/

  2. Pete Goyer

    Elevator pitch 101. Good show. But stop saying basically!!!!!!!!!

  3. MadSkull101 Cooler

    1 min is very less time,15 min is a must,if the person has a working prototype

  4. Neelesh Vishwakarma

    This is shit man! Are you serious? Making entrepreneurship a game? A reality show? Damn!


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