The First Doctor Enters The Twelfth Doctor’s TARDIS | Christmas Special Preview | Doctor Who

By | June 18, 2018

A sneak peek of Twice Upon A Time, this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special starring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, David Bradley as the First Doctor, Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts and Mark Gatiss as the Captain. Subscribe to Doctor Who:

The Thirteenth Doctor:
Title Sequences:

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Doctor Who Series 2 BBC One trailer.

Starring David Tennant as the Doctor
and Billie Piper as Rose.

Doctor Who belongs to the BBC. ’nuff said.
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40 thoughts on “The First Doctor Enters The Twelfth Doctor’s TARDIS | Christmas Special Preview | Doctor Who

  1. otaku rikatoari

    Every single enemy the doctor has ever faced comes in and just like Doctor:Am about to regenerate freak it man summons all doctors XD

  2. Donald Watson

    1:48 – It maybe Capaldi's Twelve saying this, but honestly, he's strongly channelling Baker's Fourth Doctor right through the smile.

  3. TheGreatSeraphim

    0:45 That "Wait, what he just say?" head movement was so subtle it would be a shame if anyone missed it. It really emphasizes his character's genuine confusion.

  4. Unshelled Pity

    Where is the video where #1 explains why he stole the Tardis? That was magical!

  5. Victor Peterson

    I love how one’s eyes looks young-because he IS youngest of them all

  6. Darrell Nichols

    I wonder if we'll get to see 13 say 12's line: Don't forget to subscribe to the official Doctor Who YouTube Channel!!

  7. cubic dust

    That slight squeak in his voice when he shouted "I am younger!" was hilarious

  8. Kalinysta Zvoruna

    I love Twelves' response of "I <b>am</b> younger! Seems kinda weird that the First Doctor hasn't seen regeneration before if it's the norm on Gallifrey. Yes, I know it's the writer's fault but even still…

  9. Unlimited Amazing

    Well actually he's not.12 is about 51 years older.

  10. Equestria girls 262

    I've become you
    It's so funny how he says it like if you agree

  11. EpicBoiGAMES

    why does billie piper sound so creepy in these trailers?

  12. 94830 086436

    Worst Doctor, worst companion, worst TARDIS console room, worst Doctor costume, worst sonic screwdriver, worst everything! I don't like a single thing about Series 2. Why am I even here?

  13. Fallen Star

    Everyone are talking about how many years ago it was when they were watching this season and how they miss old times but i`m sitting here and crying because i just ended watching Doomsday because i`ve only seen 2 seasons so far…

  14. George Back

    I remember watching Doomsday the day it aired…. how was it 11 years ago? In absolute shock honestly!

  15. eccleedits

    it's been ten years since i've seen any new doctor/rose content so i kind of squealed at the chest touch at 0:53

  16. eccleedits

    I appreciate the fact that rose is wearing the outfit from "the impossible planet" when she says "impossible things"


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