The Cast Of “Mozart In The Jungle” Talk About Season 3 Of The Show | BUILD Series

By | October 10, 2018

The cast from Amazon’s “Mozart in the Jungle,” Gael Garcia Bernal, Lola Kirke, Malcolm McDowell, Bernadette Peters and Monica Bellucci, are visiting to discuss Season 3 of their hit show. “Mozart in the Jungle” illustrates that what happens behind the curtains at a symphony is just as captivating as what happens on stage. Interview at AOL HQ in NYC for BUILD Series.

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20 thoughts on “The Cast Of “Mozart In The Jungle” Talk About Season 3 Of The Show | BUILD Series

  1. MsCalliopeK

    I'm still sad there won't be a 5th season. This show was such a gem. Gael as Rodrigo is simply unforgettable. All of the cast and characters are.

  2. silvana bianchi-echeguren

    I love this show!! Shame on you Amazon for cancelling a good show!!

  3. Jacques Coulardeau

    Mozart lost in a rain forest

    A menagerie more than a jungle


    The episodes are too short for enjoyment. Half an hour does not even enable a rich episode, at best a sitcom like Seinfeld. The episodes then are becoming some sort of big vignettes but the problems the series is dealing with are too big, too important, too serious to be dealt with in big vignettes that are like isolated and separate slices of a sausage you can never reconstitute. […]

    Dr. Jacques COULARDEAU

  4. HairyArmpitLover Natural Beauty

    Lola Kirke is very sexy and talented. All girls should look like her

  5. Kit Kaplan

    Not yet. I can’t wait. I may need to move into assisted living and I’m going to do it in some exotic place like Tibet or Venice. Wonderful opera scene in Hannibal movie and The Hunger soundtrack is amazing.

  6. Carolyn Johnson

    Lola Kirke nails it when she addresses some very important issues about the people at Riker's. They have not been convicted of crimes and they are being contained for periods of time equivalent to convicted felons. Thank you for bringing attention to innocents behind bars

  7. Kit Kaplan

    I love the opera in Venice! I love the show. I loved a very jealous and dramatic Italian opera singer. All I remember is throwing things but ah, the intensity. After 25 years I still feel her in my heart.

  8. HairyArmpitLover Natural Beauty

    All women should follow Lola´s example relating to her armpits ! She is so sexy !

  9. Raichel Le Goff

    terrible interviewer, fancy not knowing that Bernadette Peters is from New York?! So ill mannered not to know the basics about your guests. But – enjoyed the gorgeous quartet of actors and their responses.

  10. zhulia

    as someone who is interested in seeing this show but never has… this interview is not so good publicity


    I hate that they Hailey actress is so political. Like dude just stfu and act. Nobody cares about your opinions.

  12. Stan Darsh

    I think I'm the only one who doesn't ship Hailey and Rodrigo. I always felt that it is too forced, cliche, and random. I wish that it could be purely platonic. There aren't enough iconic platonic male / female relationships on TV between 2 attractive heterosexuals

  13. Kris Menon

    I absolutely loved this show. I was completely enthralled and finished 3 seasons in 3 days. (I was sick at home from work ).


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