5 thoughts on “StartUp Season 1 Episode 1 ‘Genesis’ Review

  1. Jody Dunlap

    All this show does is go from one f@ckup to the next. Bad decisions, endless violence, messy houses and apartments and chronic drug abuse. Damn.

  2. Richie Hembree

    when is the next season already dam I'm hooked on this show iv been waiting like 3 months on it fuck

  3. Cid Rosen

    hey Mild Fuzz, how can you review a show when you have not even done enough research to recognise the characters/actors by name. As hosts, you two could not be any more boring and lack any sort or personality and charisma. How can anyone have an issue with sex scenes, you guys are screaming virgin. Your videos could be improved if you just showed scenes of the tv show, instead of your faces, as neither of your faces are enjoyable to look at. All in all, I believe I make some valid points and therefore your channel sucks. =)

  4. Darren Amos

    This video seems rushed, no names and little research. Did you guys just watch it once? You have been doing this for a while now. Maybe invest more time before shooting the review. And remember negative feed back is good for progress.


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