Sneak Peek: Episode 103: Fear the Walking Dead: The Dog

By | February 8, 2018

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20 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Episode 103: Fear the Walking Dead: The Dog

  1. Ryan Rocky

    Who else would go to Taco Bell to stock up on tacos and Baja blast?

  2. Andrew Steinkoenig

    Ha at last I live in Indiana

    1 month later

    radio Indiana is over run by zombies just like LA


  3. that one gamer dude

    sometimes i wonder how the military or police get overrun sometimes by a small group i mean yeah they're outnumbered but they got the firepower

  4. Just to say comment is stupid and pointless and

    the saddest part is there's a room in that hospital full of babies and they're all probably dead now, think of that

  5. Epic Gunner

    Imagine seeing crippled people get bit, stand up and start chasing everyone

  6. Richard Lionheart

    I wish the us army would come out more and actually kick ass

  7. Steve Rogers

    I really wish they showed more scenes like this instead of moving so fast to the next portion of the show.

  8. Strength_44

    One of my favorite scenes from the show, along with the early lone highway walker. The confusion and faltering attempts at containment, with the wandering and slowly multiplying walkers is great TV.

  9. Braeden Hendrick Loe

    I wonder what happend to the LAPD as the infection got more out of hand

  10. Silver rose

    He else seen the guy carrying the red bag behind the walker before they shoot?


    I'm wondering what is the name of the soundtrack in the background. Anybody Know?


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