Series 10 Trailer – Doctor Who

By | February 12, 2018

“To the TARDIS!” Join the Doctor, Bill and Nardole in ‘The Pilot’ on 15th April on BBC One and BBC America. #TimeForHeroes

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Video Rating: / 5 The new Doctor lands. This August on BBC One.

40 thoughts on “Series 10 Trailer – Doctor Who

  1. Super Skully

    I remember being excited about series 10. I hope I feel the same away about series 11. Gotta wait on that trailer.

  2. GabbeЯ Skillz

    Some of the worst TV I have ever seen. Seriously. This series was an abomination.

  3. LegoDWFanInc

    Idk about you guys, but I freaked out when I saw this. Just because it was 15 seconds, doesn't mean it can build up hype. Which, it did. So, hopefully, we will get a Series 9 teaser soon.

  4. NotQuiteWho

    A year today this broke the record for the number of times I have replayed a video!

  5. dtx dtx

    This day (technically) last year, wonder if we'll be getting one tonight🙉

  6. Emma Clarke

    Peter capaldi may be old
    But u whovians should stop fancying the doctors and bloody
    Just watch doctor who

    Doctor who is supposed to be scary

    Peter will definitely do that

    Give him a chance

    Anyone whos gonna destroy the show its moffat

  7. Sim Sailor

    This video is 16 seconds. There are 13 doctors. 16-13=3. Illuminati confirmed.

  8. Racoon in the closet

    Capaldi is going to do great as the next Doctor.
    He's going to play the darker role, one that has been relatively forgotten recently.
    He is the dark old man who is almost always serious, he has his moments, but he is certainly not childish.
    It'll be interesting to watch to say the least.

  9. Kittyfly

    so cool. im in the 7th season right now. my next episode is cold war im so ready for it. i love doctor who 

  10. rhea's edits

    i waited 8 fucking months for a damn 15 second teaser video of the doctor standing in the tardis? woowww i totally didnt know he does that


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