20 thoughts on “Seinfeld Season 1-3 Bloopers & Outtakes

  1. MDC

    Who's the person who has that big laugh at 0:35. I always hear his laughter in these blooper videos

  2. Vegard Kaspersen Dillerud

    Hmm Jerry Seinfeld does look like Mark Knopfler

  3. Venom101002

    Seinfeld bloopers are some of the best out there. Some shows bloopers will hardly make me break a smile. These make me laugh.

  4. !mrdunn brucvald

    Kramer is genuinely upset that the others keep laughing…
    And the old man is too cute…..

  5. John

    I wish there was a camera looking in the car when the car wouldn't start.

  6. norris pg

    Tobolowsky's Thor Eckman character was my personal favorite

  7. Victor K

    Some outakes are better than the original. They should have put some in the episodes

  8. videos4mydad

    "is that written in concrete?" why the heck did they take that line out!??

  9. LisaDawnn

    I just love Julia's laugh. It's so contagious.

    The last scene (parking garage) is friggin' classic. The car was supposed to start and they, drive off. But instead it wouldn't start and they're all cracking up if you look closely.(from pure exhaustion from doing this one episode for hours)! Larry David decided to keep blooper in.


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