20 thoughts on “Seinfeld – Risk

  1. Adam Zimmerman

    Kramer running down the street with the board, screaming at the tow truck driver while Newman chases after him 😂🤣

  2. Panada Bear

    Because of Seinfeld I started playing risk and eating Kenny Rogers roasters chicken…

  3. TheTheratfarmer

    "dumb" mother fuckers. bark> your dog barks to much.

  4. 83rdox

    I still remember I had an amazing game I was gonna win with 5 of us. Me and my friend were contending for north America, other players were going for EU,AF,SA and Aus.

    I ended up letting my friend get NA without a fight(i could've beat him in the struggle but it would've cost me a lot and he would keep fighting and id be a threat to all, but by letting him get it he became the biggest threat and controlled it.

    I had a 2 hqs because it was risk faction(the board version) I had most of asia with a lot of guys on each spot, I had defensive dice and I had more then enough cards to get more then 30troops next turn.

    I wouldve been able to have a ton of men and only 3 borders to defend after taking all asia and aus. Plus I would've been able to take over north and south america next. Everyone used up their cards and troops on eachother

  5. Chris Kotsopoulos

    What impressed me since the first time I saw this was how Kramer moves/runs around with the game board and the pieces don't move. I finally came to the realization a little awhile ago that they were probably glued to the board.

  6. Paul Martin

    It's depressing to think that Newman would be considered 'average size' by today's standards.


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