Seinfeld – “Lost Episode” clip show made with deleted scenes and stand-up

By | February 25, 2018

Lost “Clip Show,” with deleted scenes, alternate takes, and stand-up bits from the 1990’s sitcom Seinfeld, which I have put together in the form of an episode. Scenes are randomly chosen from various seasons. All material is from the DVD extras released in 2005 and copyright is retained by the producers. Thanks to all who have left positive comments, and to those few who have complained that they felt cheated that this montage of scenes was not an actual episode, I can only wink and say in my most sympathetic-sounding voice, ‘That must have been really hard for you.” Link to Part 2:
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20 thoughts on “Seinfeld – “Lost Episode” clip show made with deleted scenes and stand-up

  1. EAST SIDE DJ HIRE music

    Yeah well the jerk store called and they're runnin outta you !!

  2. Herotovillain

    Who is the actress who portrays the "Venus from the bathroom" character that Kramer traps with the caution tape????

  3. Jason Rougeau

    I hear after Elaine got fired from Pendant Publishing, she took a job as the Wiz

  4. BillCompo

    Ever wonder why the WIZ wears a crown and a cape? He should of been The King…,aaand no body beats him. lol

  5. Jacob Graham

    "Hey some woman's getting her own coffee!!"…. Jerry refilled instantly by waitress 😂😂😂

  6. BlackDogsMatter

    Kramer caution taped bathroom lady right into a stalker trap. Brilliant!

  7. toughluck8012

    The laugh track ruins it. They put the laugh track on during parts that aren't even remotely funny

  8. Scottie Stanley

    "Is this how you get your jollies? I'm feeling pretty good right now." How did that not make it into the episode? Hilarious


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