Mozart in the Jungle Cast Interviews | Bernadette Peters Lola Kirke

By | July 17, 2018

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Mozart in the Jungle Cast Interviews | Bernadette Peters Lola Kirke Gael García Bernal
Gael García Bernal mozart in the jungle
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Arthur Kade sits down with Gael Garcia Bernal, Lola Kirke and Malcolm McDowell to discuss season 4 of Amazon’s “Mozart in the Jungle.”
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11 thoughts on “Mozart in the Jungle Cast Interviews | Bernadette Peters Lola Kirke

  1. silvana bianchi-echeguren

    Why on earth Amazon cancelled this show ! It's so sad, I enjoyed soooo many beautiful pieces of music!

  2. Lauren Róisín

    I very nearly cried when I read that this show was cancelled last week! 🙁 why cancel such a stirring, beautiful show??

  3. Jacques Coulardeau

    Mozart lost in a rain forest

    A menagerie more than a jungle


    The episodes are too short for enjoyment. Half an hour does not even enable a rich episode, at best a sitcom like Seinfeld. The episodes then are becoming some sort of big vignettes but the problems the series is dealing with are too big, too important, too serious to be dealt with in big vignettes that are like isolated and separate slices of a sausage you can never reconstitute. […]

    Dr. Jacques COULARDEAU

  4. HairyArmpitLover Natural Beauty

    Lola is hot, sexy and talented actress. I appreciate her very much

  5. Luis Dominguez

    Great show.and Malcolm McDowell just makes the show even better…its really horroshow

  6. MmeNemours

    As a clarinetist, I have to point out that the clarinet as an instrument is far superior to an oboe on all accounts


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