Justified Series Final Scene

By | January 6, 2018

After six seasons of U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens tracking down and trying to kill his criminal opponent Boyd Crowder on the best show in TV history “Justified”, I was looking forward to a good old-fashioned showdown in the series finale. Instead, the writers did me one better. An act of mercy by Raylan by allowing Boyd to live. Why? Because he remembered Boyd had saved his life as teenagers, back when they had dug coal together in Harlan, KY. And maybe because he realized we are all “dirty” in this messed up broken world. Loved this ending much better:)

20 thoughts on “Justified Series Final Scene

  1. tslmiami

    As a Carolina country boy I can tell u this show is damn close to spot on “Poor back roads country life” except for the amount of crime in one little area.

  2. David Keller

    Tim Olyphant and Walt Goggins=badass. Obvously Raylan and Boyd had their roles in life on the show but there wasn't really any animosity between the two even though they were on opposite sides of the law. I miss the show

  3. GreatSpaceToaster

    Just watched the whole show again for the second time, it's so good. And this ending is amazing, completely different from what most people were expecting, and so well written. I feel like even a long time from now, I'll still go back to this show. I hope more people discover it.

  4. Jerry Beugelink

    One of the best series I have seen in a long time. This ending was sooo powerful and just pitch perfect! Even got myself a little tear falling down ^^

  5. IronSoulElf

    I just finished this…logged in YT to see the final scene again. I`m crying. I love these men so much <3

  6. Pedro Reinaldo

    Man, just ended watching this show. AMazing! Especially the acting. Such likable characters, even the bad guys. Love timothy and walton's acting, how are they so good a delivering the lines? Spectacular. And this finale? That dialog. Those watery eyes of lament for a friendship that coudl've been. Perfect!

  7. Alter Ego

    What an amazing show!! Great acting and dialogues! Raylan and Boyd had an amazing chemistry!!

  8. RR Taylor

    You know, Boyd saved Raylan's life a couple of times during the series – in the season 1 finale, and in the season 2 finale (I don't think I remember a time when Boyd directly tried to kill Raylan -although everyone else was fair game). It would have seemed wrong for Raylan to gun him down. And this scene is really touching, because its about how true friendship can survive pretty much anything. The best scenes in any Justified episode are when Raylan and Boyd are together – and for my part I feel like Boyd was an even more engaging character than Raylan (not saying Raylan wasn't great). Boyd certainly got the best speeches, and Goggins delivered them with such style – can't believe he didn't win an emmy. I will jump on the bandwagon and proclaim that Justified was the most underrated show (maybe not of all time) but of this decade !

  9. Jérémy Rita

    This still give me chills. People dont realise how well written this show was. It was like a Steinbeck novel but on TV. Pure genius.
    Thanks for those 6 years that helped me grow into the adult i am.


    Wonder if the two would ever cross paths again or if raylan never came back or Boyd never went looking after he got out

  11. Potato Tomato

    loved it. The writing of this whole series is one for the best


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