Jeffrey Tambor & ‘Transparent’ Cast: The World Has Changed | TODAY

By | June 5, 2018

Jeffrey Tambor plays a transgender parent in the groundbreaking Amazon streaming series “Transparent.” As the show gears up for a second season, TODAY correspondent Jenna Bush Hager visits the set to talk with Tambor and other “Transparent” cast and crew.
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Jeffrey Tambor & ‘Transparent’ Cast: The World Has Changed | TODAY

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Theme Music from the Golden Globe award-winning TV series, Transparent.
Music by Dustin O’Halloran


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28 thoughts on “Jeffrey Tambor & ‘Transparent’ Cast: The World Has Changed | TODAY

  1. Leah Patts

    I hear he's getting kicked off the show for making sexual advances. I wonder how they're gonna do that. He's the main character

  2. Dima Andro

    Jenna Bush can't even pronounce Transparent, it's cringing

  3. Don't tell my mom

    Judith Light is so worthy of a great role. When you look at Who's the boss today, we've never really seen a woman with a great career flying solo with a son in early 80's, and sometimes putting her foot down as the head of the house with Tony and Samantha. She played a good business woman surrounded with a pretty free mother. Not a heavy comedy but watchable. It's true she's been supportive of the LGBT community, look who supported Danny P. when he got threatened to be outed by the media.

  4. TODAY

    Jeffrey Tambor & ‘Transparent’ Cast: The World Has Changed 

  5. Melissa Palmer

    This is sooooo breathtaking that I had to come searching for it. Ty for this beautiful music that touches my soul.

  6. Georges Aaaa

    This reminds me of the song bing abi from black mirror

  7. Jaime Perez

    Transparente como mi alma eso es transparente no hay nada que se le iguale 😍😍😍😍

  8. Davina

    This song eases my mind. It's amazing with headphones 💕

  9. Antony

    There was a very similar piece of music used in Channel 4's 'Black Mirror' (UK) TV show (S01E02, 2011-2012). I am wondering if it is indeed the same piece of music. The melody of TRANSPARENT is very similar to this –

    What do you think?

  10. Jkeeb89

    Can anyone recommend any other piano like this? I don't know much but would love more.

  11. Kristin Sassi

    Every time I listen to this, my eyes fill. So very beautiful.

  12. Mrs C

    One of the most beautiful pieces I have ever heard. Just beautiful.

  13. TheFrenchSailor

    So beautiful, I really hope this show can go on, even with the sexual harassment thing

  14. Wade Kingston

    Beautiful music to accompany a beautiful series. This show has opened my eyes in ways I didn't even know they needed.

  15. s a k u n i

    I want this to play at my funeral. It's melancholy, yet hopeful at the same time. Beautiful.

  16. Andreas Theo

    i really want to play it on my own piano, could you give me the sheet music..?

  17. Davina

    Is there any full version of this? Or is this the full version? I'd just love to hear more

  18. Darkcosmic7

    That ending of this piano piece hits pretty hard emotionally…

  19. mostlymakeup

    Is it possible to get the sheet music for this? 🙂

  20. Angela Faz

    I had a heart wrenching day and i'll be listening to this song on repeat and start to feel human again. Thank you <3


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