Into The Badlands Season 3 episode 2- MK vs Moon Fight scene 4k

By | October 15, 2018

Into The Badlands Season 3  episode 2- MK vs Moon Fight scene 4k

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NEXT FIGHT of Into the badlands Season 3 Episode 2:
Aramis Knight aka MK vs Sherman Augustus aka Moon !

Have to admit editing the drama beats was more fun than the actual fight! 😀 I love to work on emotional / thrilled scenes!
if u can notice, the first combos hits the same beats from the metall balls! 😀

(I worked for the AMC TV show Into The Badlands Season 3 as the assistant action director, fight editor for the fight scenes and stuntdouble for one of the main character MK for 9 month.
Furthermore 2016 I worked as action designer for Jackie Chans latest movies „The Foreigner“ and „Bleeding Steel“ and joined as an official member the Jackie Chan Stunt Team. )

the last 2 years I was pretty busy with working on TVshows and Movie projects.

Thanks to Daniel Wu, Al Gough and Miles Millar I came closer to my dreams than ever before!!

Now I wanna share with you guys some of our works and I hope you will like it!!!

action director : Steve Fung
Fight Choreographer: Master Dee Dee Huen Chiu Ku
1. AD: Mikey Eberle
Stuntcoordinator: Rudolf Vrba
Fight Editor: Vi-Dan Tran

Aramis Knight – MK
Sherman Augustus – Moon

Stunt double:
MK Stuntdouble: Bao Liang
Moon Stuntdouble: Cali Nelle

Utility Stunts:
Andy Long
Pei Liu
Law Pancel
Tom Rodgers
Brian Le
Bo Wei
Matt Lucas
Rashid Phoenix
Raycho Vasilev
Wang Qing Mei



Vi-Dan Tran
Video Rating: / 5

20 thoughts on “Into The Badlands Season 3 episode 2- MK vs Moon Fight scene 4k

  1. Thierry Henry the legend

    daaim how does this unknown tv show have better fight scenes than arrow ,legends of tommorow and many other shows? this is class ! and i mean big movie class

  2. Chukwudi Joseph Nwakpaka

    I thought he was going to be possessed if he bleeds. Maybe I missed some episodes

  3. Constantine Smith

    Cinematography is amazing in this show. Fight scenes are pretty bad lmao


    What the hell is this crap? Attacks laterally the whole time, no variety in moves, telegraphing ? Any shit goes these days

  5. Murcia

    bro when I see scenes like this I wonder if any of the people involved ever toght the swort to be the STABBING weapon that it is.. this should be the sword guy trying to stab the iron hand dude and the latter just slapping his sword away.. like this its very very very predictable that the iron man guy will win cus the sword guy knows nothing (john sow)


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