INTO THE BADLANDS Season 2 TRAILER (2017) amc Series

By | March 4, 2018

Into the Badlands Season 2 Trailer – 2017 amc Series

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Basierend auf der klassischen chinesischen Erzählung Journey to the West folgen wir in der Martial-Arts-Serie Into the Badlands dem Krieger Sunny und dem Jungen M.K., die auf der Suche nach Erleuchtung sind.

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31 thoughts on “INTO THE BADLANDS Season 2 TRAILER (2017) amc Series

  1. Tobias Nanjira

    A Great History Indeed the makers of this Movie! Thanx

  2. Mark Lanzarotta

    I will never watch this fucked up show again since they had an episode where squirrels were gratuitously killed! You fucked up people, I hate you!

  3. Pat Walker

    I like the show but i dont understand we are not seeing any guns or bow and arrow

  4. Louis Browne

    Wow started watching the first episode of the new season. The budget must have multiplied by at least 10. There are now fantastic cinematic epic environments buzzing with life even epic for a movie, and there are few notable new cast members. Even generally from costums to the post work to the editing, and even the flow of scenes is way way better then the first seasons. Granted it is the premiere but I'm hoping it all continues.

  5. Ahmad Ahmed

    Here for the widow ….what a classic and beautiful woman.😍😍

  6. Kenny Kenny

    is there gonna be a season2 …it's been forever now


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