20 thoughts on “Finding Carter | Official Trailer #1 | MTV

  1. SoniaK Mk

    This serie was additive the first time I saw it maybe I'll watch it again

  2. Anjini Chaddha

    umm…this feels like a complete ripoff of the face on the milk carton series lmao

  3. an odd gal

    Wait isn’t the “fake mom” actually the real mom

  4. Danielle Buchanan

    If you miss this show and want to watch the first episode, here's the link:

  5. Jessy M

    What the hell happened man… I still want to know what happened to Ben.

  6. Paul Balfour

    This has just started here in the UK I have seen the pilot and I like it so far

  7. Dan Reef

    i can't believe she's emily from skins loved that show

  8. Blake Williams

    It would have been interesting to see Meg (Prescott) play Taylor considering that she played Katie in skins. it would have been a complete roll reversal for meg & kat.


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