FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Episode 14 Trailer + Sneak Peek Clip | AMC Series

By | September 21, 2018

Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14 Trailer + Sneak Peek Clip | AMC Series starring Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, Joseph Gilgun, Betty Buckley. #FearTheWalkingDead.

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD 4X14 Promo – S04E14 ‘MM 54’ – ‘Jim Leaves’ Clip:
Jim threatens to leave the group. Don’t miss the next episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Sunday, September 16 at 9/8c.

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34 thoughts on “FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Episode 14 Trailer + Sneak Peek Clip | AMC Series

  1. Best TV Series & Movie Trailers by FilmIsNow

    Check this out! FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Episode 14 Trailer + Sneak Peek Clip | AMC Series. Please like and share the #trailer with friends 😄

  2. Dazuka Himori

    I definitely think the filthy evil lady is the daughter of the old trucker man who died. Remember how he said there's only one person who would want to see him.

  3. alucard lee

    how hard can it be to take one fat old psycho out? she doesn't look credible as a villain

  4. SomeRandom Boi

    This season has been amazing, it has had flaws, like every season of every show, but no one seems to be appreciating how good this is compared to the boring seasons of one and two.
    Everyone just wants to complain about the show because its spin off X.X

  5. Izola Chaffin

    For suffering the effects of the breakout alone and getting to other side. Sharptila thinks she was wronged/ had figure out how to do it all alone, til now

  6. idz135

    00:52 – look at that expression. why is everything in this show a reminder that the walkers are as weak, slow, quiet, etc. as the characters need them to be

  7. To Leyik

    Michonnes evil sister is the personified devil. I hope she receives the same fate as her victims. This woman is stressing me more than Negan. She is unpredictable.

  8. Joe Stockton

    This show has been fucking ruined…I want all of the characters to die, the show get cancelled and all the showrunners/writers responsible to be imprisoned.

  9. Izola Chaffin

    Sharptila to be on hunt yet again. Her purpose is to get even, but make people suffer in the process. Evil, Evil Woman.

  10. MrGzim95

    I don't get it why the show has no Recap on every episodes.
    Thank you For the video

  11. Agent California

    Ah I see the zombie apocalypse has reached tier 5 you know where the entire planet has been enveloped by the grain filter

  12. Rehpic

    OMG, Your recaps are just the best!!
    I just found theses…. Soooo good, and funny Sub + Like.. Love it

  13. Kirra Kinola

    Your talking is starting to make this show feel very boring to me. I just wanted to re-watch the show again but this is my only option.

  14. BlazeNarutoShippuden

    Madison didn't kill the walkers in the stadium. She killed herself and anyone else trapper there for sure. But fire doesn't always destroy the brain. It can kill walkers which is true but not always. There were still walkers in the stadium when they broke in too.

  15. JasonLives666

    It died when they fired Erickson during Season 3. That put the ripple effect into motion.

  16. jordan brown

    Nick was one of the few life lines to the show in my opinion, strand is the only one I would really watch for now.

  17. Thanos The Mad Titan

    Damn good first half
    Loved the death choices gave some real impact and real consequences
    Anyway here's my ranking for the episodes of 4A
    8: Episode 7 (Messy AF)
    7: Episode 4 (Meh but awesome waterpark zombie sequence)
    6: Episode 6 (Bit disappointing but quite good twists)
    5: Episode 8 (Liked the Madison death but fun exciting end for 4A)
    4: Episode 2 (Like the time travel stuff but it would get annoying later on but a really cool episode introducing the Vultures)
    3: Episode 3 (Amazing episode Nick death was so unexpected but incredibly well done)
    2: Episode 1 (Perfect start to the season great new characters Wonderful start plus crossovers!)
    1: Episode 5 ( But this is the magnum opus of all Walking Dead shows, beautiful episode perfect episode I love John Dorie he dies we riot)
    Anyway yeha


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