20 thoughts on “Fear The Walking Dead – Season 2 Final Ending Scene

  1. Jerry Seinfeld

    Im glad Chris died! I just cant stand his moody facial expression

  2. miyagijaden45 :v

    Mexican soldiers: Ahora quien es el inmigrante pinche pendejo >:V ?

  3. Herbet Herbet

    god the us army fucking dick hes keep kill civilian the civil help people and he has not like killing only kill zombie and try to survive and us army kill all of it he think they all infected ut actual no fak us army

  4. Bijan Ashtiani

    They should've made it that the town of people make it to the refugee camp instead of killing them all, they could've elaborated on a great plot with the hierarchy of the military and a completely new atmosphere where they uave to figure out and survive in

  5. TheFishyboy123 XD

    why does the guy who found nick remind me of trevor in gta 5

  6. Y0orlaydee08

    wow people killing people who just want to survive that ending stinks how come it could of ended where they survive not get killed

  7. none unknown

    This is a revelation of the future buddies,  this is going to actually happen. no one in this movie even fears God nor does anyone in the movie pray.  This will be the outcome of all people who live for this world and do not fear God nor live for God and the resurrection.  The camps are the Fema camps.


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