Fear the Walking Dead: Next on: ‘El Matadero’ Ep. 314

By | December 28, 2017

Don’t miss the next episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Sunday, October 8 at 9/8c on AMC.

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20 thoughts on “Fear the Walking Dead: Next on: ‘El Matadero’ Ep. 314

  1. Spoonful for You

    Ofelia is 99% going to die in this episode. She was bitten in the last episode and will fall of the truck due to the illness. Those are my thoughts. She will die before Daniel meets with her. That’s my thought. I was right about Jakes death 100% so I will probably be right about this to. But who knows

  2. Christian Diaz

    really feel like they’re going to pull a maggie and beth on us with ofelia and daniel. throughout the promo it’s obvious that maybe ofelia is going to die and i would hate to see that happen especially before she meets daniel

  3. k k

    I hope this doesn't end up like how when Maggie was told Beth was alive and then ended up dying by the time Maggie made it to the hospital

  4. WeeItsNookies

    Why are people so pro Ofelia?? This was a chick that left her first group for dead stealing the only means of transportation. She then reunites with them only to end up poisoning them all without at the very least giving her group the heads up. If she didn't want to blow the plan she could have just kept Nick from drinking the poisoned coffee.

    Hopefully she is killed before she has a chance to reunite with her father.

  5. Fantomas

    Too much Girl power shit. It took Rick and the others nearly a year to take down groups of walkers hand to hand (Season 3). Alycia was in high school just 2 months ago. Way too OP.

  6. The Night King

    ofelia dies in this episode causing daniel to become evil. the actor who plays daniel would make a perfect bad guy

  7. Jeidy Diaz

    If Ofelia dies before seeing Daniel I will be so heartbroken yet pissed

  8. G.O.A.T

    Please dont tell me Daniel dont get too see his daughter alive just one more time

  9. julian tin

    I guess the chick from passage that no one remembers is finally going to be relevant

  10. Spoonful for You

    I have a weird feeling that ofelia will die in this episode. There is no happiness in the apocalypse and very rarely do people reunite in a perfect way. I think ofelia will either get bitten or maybe shot off of the truck by a new group. Who knows!

  11. Musically Talented

    They been dragging ofelia meeting up with her dad again and giving her a lot more screen time she’s probably going to die before she gets there and Daniel is going to freak out

  12. jaxon3333

    So it's obvious that something happens to Ofelia as to where she would fall off the back of the truck, which is why it's only Crazy Dog on it when he is yelling to stop the truck.


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