Drew & Rick | The Night Shift

By | February 1, 2018

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My feelings are killing me.

Ship: Drew & Rick
Fandom: The Night Shift
Song: Arrival of the Birds & Transformation by The Cinematic Orchestra
Video Rating: / 5

19 thoughts on “Drew & Rick | The Night Shift

  1. Zex Lo

    I thought they were twins and that kiss threw me off.. like off a cliff. Lol

  2. Anthony Monteverde

    Can't wait 2 c what happens next 2 them this up coming season.

  3. It gets Better

    If y'all wanted to watch this it's on Netflix and it's called the nightshift

  4. SilverGallowglass

    Oh my gosh, that had only a little bit of dialogue, but the story flowed so well. It just build and built until that that declaration o love and the kiss. This represents their relationship up to that point of the show so nicely. This vid has so much emotion!
    That scene where Rick reaches for Drew while he's writing on the clipboard, his face when Drew avoids his hands get to me every time! I'm happy there was a happy ending for these two.
    Good song choice, too!
    Thank you, this couple needs for love and loving, sappy, happy vids!

  5. Brianna Rivera

    When I saw this scene I was like "YESSSSS YOU FUCKING KISSED HIM IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!!!" But than I remembered my mom was sitting next to me like this '____' LMAO

  6. Steve Romano

    My eyes watered throughout this whole video.  This is 2015 , when the world really gets it's not a choice , and it's truly a act of nature that two humans of the same sex want to be together , then we can all rest at peace with this issue.

  7. Marcedes Allen

    FINALLY Season 2 Starts February23 So Excited I Can't wait Im So Ready!!!!😍😍😍😄😄😄

  8. Aedán Duchene

    OMG! Flails love! Thank you for making this!! Do you know if this show is still on?


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