Bad Aussie Community TV

By | April 11, 2018

The worst of community TV. (See Alex live in 2017):

Written & performed by Alex Williamson:

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“And it needs to be ok to get on a boat with Levar Burton and never come back”

29 thoughts on “Bad Aussie Community TV

  1. Spock Mulconray

    Yess you are the best youtber on YouTube man I love your videos they are so funny I come form adielade I would love to see one of your live shows 👍

  2. Joel Paszkowski

    Lost it at Garry's water park, several times over. Literally crying with laughter. I mean it's a water park made out of a shitty wood chip garden. It's so ridiculously shitty and Aussie, I find that so goddam funny. And his run up before he jumps is hilarious.
    Alex I truly think you don't receive nearly as much praise as you deserve.

  3. Sofia Tan

    I come back and watch this vid every time i cant let go of a tv series that's finished

  4. TheMrJay8

    His voice crack gets me. Every time. It really shows Abed's emotional growth over the course of the show. He's still way more logical than emotional, but his relationship with Troy was so powerful, he can't help but tear up when thinking about him.

  5. TruthIsNeverGossip

    This is seriously one of the best series finales I've seen. This is how you do it. It's a pity so few people talk about it or appear to have seen it. What's Donald Glover's problem? seriously. Is he on drugs or something? Why would he quit this series and write those rambling thoughts on those napkins? He couldn't put in an appearance? At least Yvette Nicole Brown left to take care of her father, that's a reason. And even Chevy Chase, made an appearance on the show after he quit it. For all the fun Donald Glover seemed to have while doing this, he ended up being the only one that didn't offer his character closure, and that treated the show that made him a star the poorest.

  6. Roberto Acero

    This scene, especially when Abed begins to cry just before we see Britta, almost made me cry. I MISS TROY!!!

  7. Matt!

    This scene made me cry, the Troy metaphor made me feel so sad :'(

  8. Tessa Tallagnon

    This was such an amazing speech. Community has had rockiness with endings, never knowing, for logistical reasons, if its season finale is its series finale. I think a series finale should be better, in some way, than all of what came before, or have the last word on it somehow. And this speech was the thing that did that and made it possible that this could really be the end. A really warm, heartfelt speech, from a character who loves tv, written with all the stops pulled out by people who really do LOVE TV, about the very real role it plays in our lives, the importance it's never given and the way it really benefits from joy and sincerity in itself. Talked about at its best form from (on a real world level) people who have very seriously loved and understood and made tv for a long time. I love this speech for forgiving and understanding and loving Community as it was, and all of tv. And man, I usually think super serious Youtube comments are ridiculous, but this moment was simple and beautiful and healing. Kudos to Danny Pudi, and Dan Harmon, and Rob Schrab, and the writers, and everyone who loved and believed in tv, and in this tv. They all worked together to make a moment of pure acceptance and light.


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